The role:

Working with a leading balancing and settlements business; The  Senior Change Analyst is responsible for progressing BSC changes through the BSC change process. You will support customer’s proposals to amend the BSC and its associated systems and processes. You will assess and research changes to the BSC and present your findings through a series of reports and presentations.

At the heart of this role is a requirement to summarise large amounts of often complex information in a clear and concise manner, organise and plan the progression of BSC changes, and strong business analysis skills.

You will receive support from subject matter experts in progressing BSC changes. You will be recognised as an expert in the BSC change processes and governance. You will provide advice, knowledge, support and assessment of change to customers, the regulator and other staff across the business. You will need to facilitate workshops with industry experts. There will also be opportunities to chair workshops.

The role is positioned within a team of Change Analysts and Senior Change Analysts. You will support other Change Analysts within the team. You will be expected to progress multiple BSC changes simultaneously both individually and as part of a team.

Your responsibilities:

  • Research, assess and progress BSC Changes (Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues) in line with agreed processes and quality standards.
  • Gather necessary information and data by co-ordinating and managing groups of internal and external experts or interested parties. This includes accurately interpreting and documenting arguments and views from industry discussions of changes.
  • Write clear business requirements for changes that reflect the solutions agreed.
  • Identify and report the impact of potential changes to the BSC. This includes issuing impact assessments to service providers and stakeholders.
  • Produce and present reports for Workgroups, Panel Committees and Ofgem setting out the case for changes to be made or rejected.
    • Change reports must be complete, consistent, lack ambiguity and meet our Write for the Reader communication principles.
    • Analysis is accurate, logically-reasoned and presented in a clear and accessible manner.
    • Change documentation is stored and accurately maintained.
  • Provide specialist advice and support internally and externally on the BSC change processes and on assigned BSC changes.
  • Foster good working relationships across all teams
  • Participate in department or cross-company projects/initiatives as required.
  • Chair issue groups and Modification Workgroups when required.
  • Provide guidance and training to customers, industry groups and staff.
  • Provide training and coaching to less experienced members of ELEXON staff.
  • Actively develop and improve change processes.

Your profile:

You will have/be:

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal/non-verbal and written).
  • Be an excellent organiser and a meticulous planner.
  • Be able to present large amounts of complex information in a simple, clear and concise manner.
  • Be interpersonally astute.
  • Be able to engage with and proactively build positive relationships with customers.
  • Have excellent report writing skills.
  • Have strong business analytical skills.
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office (especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Have a real can do attitude.
  • Be a proactive self-starter.
  • Be a strong team player.
  • Become proficient in chairing and facilitating meetings.
  • Acquire proficient knowledge of BSC change governance obligations and processes as required by BSC Section F and BSCP40.
  • Acquire proficient knowledge of the roles of the BSC Panel, Panel Committees, Ofgem and Modification workgroups, including their powers, responsibilities and operating procedures.
  • Develop a broad understanding of the BSC arrangements and become an expert on certain areas of the BSC based on changes progressed.
  • Become familiar with the roles and areas covered by other Energy Codes and Agreements and how these relate to the BSC.
  • Acquire proficient knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of BSC Agents, BSC Parties and their agents.
  • Build an awareness of industry developments that may impact the business.