Jason Sharpe

November 19, 2018

Employee engagement is huge, if you can get your employee engagement right, you will benefit with:

Better customer satisfaction
Less employees leaving
Less absenteeism
Better productivity
Better efficiency

These are all great, but how do you make sure you’re engaging employees to make sure you achieve the above?  The secret is to give your employees the keys to the kingdom and let them know you trust them to use the keys wisely.  At work, everyone has their day job and a framework that they need to work within. But what you need to do is to trust your employees to work within this framework by doing the right thing on behalf of the customer.

So how do we achieve this?

Obsess about your customer needs and not about your product features
How many times have you been sat in a room where people have said, ‘We can do this whizzy thing’ or, ‘We can do that whizzy thing’? Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to innovate. But what does the customer think about all of this? What are their needs? Let’s understand that, as well as designing new products and features.

Reinforce the brand with every interaction
This isn’t just about your frontline staff. It’s not just your marketing teams. It’s everybody’s universal responsibility, when they interact with a customer, to build on your brand and make sure they know and your customers know, what it stands for.

Treat customer experience as a competence, not as a function
What does this mean? Many organisations have lots of customer focused functions; customer experience gurus, complaints teams or Voice of the Customer meetings for example. These are great, and a great start as long as you’re treating customer experience as a competence. This way, it means that it’s everyone’s job to work about customer experience, not just the obviously customer facing roles.

Obsess about your customers’ needs at every interaction, treating customer experience as a competence. Visit me at vallum.co.uk/business-coaching to find out more.

Jason Sharpe