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“Creating a fire within not underneath”

Imagine if your management team looked out of your office window – what would they see? It’s likely that they would see a variety of things. Some of the differences would be significant; others just small. But you would inevitably have views that are not consistent, shared or even understood. It is this lack of cohesion as a leadership team around shared understanding – of direction, purpose and goals – that differentiates a normal business from a supercharged one.

Jason will work with your business to energise your leadership team to pull together towards a single vision, common purpose, and shared plan embraced by all. He’ll focus on:

  • Creating a clear and shared understanding of future business performance, and a vision that engages the whole team
  • Challenging the status quo, to agitate your current thinking and encourage the consideration of new and creative options to build a long-term strategy
  • Critically evaluating if you have the right people in the right positions to deliver the plan
  • Bringing the customer and the colleague to the boardroom in every conversation though storytelling
  • Steering your business towards a cultural high-performance shift, focused on your shared purpose, vision and strategy
  • Optimising the communication of your organisation at all levels
  • Directionally moving the business to gain better traction and to galvanise your team into action
  • Maximising delivery and relationship value in your business, rewarding success and challenging underperformance.

Jason has worked up from the shop floor to MD level in retail, financial services, and utilities in organisations including first direct, Ovo, HSBC, Vodafone, Citigroup, Asda and Sainsbury’s, supported by his experience in sales, service, operations and marketing, leading high-growth businesses to outperform. Jason’s desire is to energise and engage others to create high-performing businesses, teams and individuals. He has a real-world, no nonsense approach and, when combined with experience and passion, he can take anyone on the journey to transform their business from normal to supercharged.

Jason joined Robin Hood Energy in the early growth and development stage as a lead consultant and coach/mentor to senior roles within the organisation, his strategic direction, expertise in customer service and back office operations was instrumental in taking the business from 'New Entrant' to a small to medium energy supplier. Jason has a huge amount of energy and drive and an ability to take people with him on the journey, we are all hugely grateful to Jason for his helpful intervention in the direction of the business and focus on preparing us for future growth. I would highly recommend Jason for future roles in business development, coaching and mentoring both in a new business and the maturing markets

-Robin Hood Energy

-Gail Scholes, CEO

Jason has recently facilitated a strategic review for us. Jason's energy, knowledge and insight enabled us to achieve excellent progress. Most impressive was Jason's real world, common sense guidance which was clearly based on the years of top level experience he has garnered from his roles at a number of well-known firms.

-Create Financial Management

-Mark Thomas, Managing director

Jason has been a customer of ours, and, more recently a strategic advisor to Rant & Rave. He works as a coach with both my strategic sales team and our business development team. Jason has a wealth of business experience and is able to use this to guide people at all levels of our business. He has quickly established both rapport and credibility with the team, he is very generous with his time and knowledge, a real pleasure to work alongside. If you are looking for someone to help coach your business through change and transformation then I would high recommend you speak to Jason.

-Rant & Rave

-Phil Evans, Chief Revenue Officer

Our promise to our coaching clients: If you are not happy with our service, reviewed after each session, then you don’t pay!